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Cheetah in the wild

The extraordinary story
of a very ordinary person

An Autobiography by
Captain D. B. Hopkins

To Stroke A Cheetah Book Cover
Table of Contents
1The Writing on the Wall In which I discover my shortcomings
2Plan B - I join the RAF In which I discover my talents
3Flying Training During which I meet my future wife
4Jet Propelled In which I discover which leg to kick
5Bassingbourn - First Time Round Where I learn to drop bombs
6There's Always Bloody Something In which I scare Londoners
7If You Want to Learn - Teach In which I walk away from a crash
8Met Reconnaissance Where I nearly have another crash
9Bassingbourn - Again In which I almost hit a camel
10Elmgate In which I learn what 'pot' looks like
11Commercial Flying In which I go back to the bottom of the ladder
12More Adventures In which I have a close encounter with a camel spider
13Positioning Where I learn what airline names really mean
14Jet Propelled - Again Where I learn about 4/50 air conditioning
15We Buy a Mansion Where I 'fix' the electrics
16Inter Primos Chauffeur Service In which I get to drive Royalty
17I Become a Rotarian And learn something about Atlee and Churchill
18Retirement In which I make a sink garden
19The Forsyth Saga In which I have heart attack No. 2
20Highlights In which 'The Cheetah' appears

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